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"Estella Kirk’s debut single, “Shelter in the Storm,” is relevant and impressive."


"At just 14 years old, Kirk has delivered a product that can stand up next to any of her contemporaries on the Billboard charts."


"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

- Psalm 91:1, NIV

“Running on low” is the name of Estella’s EP coming out in 2023. This new EP takes us through moments in life we can all relate to such as feeling lost and alone, the feelings of having a personal relationship with someone special, to knowing God is always there - every step of the way in life’s journey.


Estella Kirk has NINE new songs coming in 2023 and one of her latest singles, “Someone I’m not,” is about feeling the weight of trying to be perfect.


“The song talks about comparing yourself to other people and never feeling like you’re going to get ahead,” says Estella.


With new melodies in the making, Estella reminds us that winter doesn’t last forever. The rain clears. The warmth returns. The sun comes out. The bright side we are hoping for has finally arrived.


Listen to her new EP release: “Running on low,” on all major streaming platforms in 2023 and be sure to watch Estella’s music videos from her YouTube channel.

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